Luana S., Yelp

I am completely in love with this dental office too! The way they treated me was just unbelievable! I felt truly cared for; And that means a lot to me. They are very trustworthy, and different than the other dentists I’ve been to I feel like I can trust them to do all my dental work for life. Kim did an amazing job with my cleaning, I am very VERY pleased. I LOVED the nature documentary I watched while getting my teeth clean and how delicate she was. She did sooo much, and there was NO PAIN! The before and after picture blew me away. Plus, she went over with me on tips on how to keep my mouth clean until I come to see her again in 6 months for another cleaning. They have netflix, hand treatment, free whitening trays, and massage! It gets better!!! They also offer FREE VALET PARKING! Which was also AWESOME! I couldn’t be happier! 🙂